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TODAY... a burning idea to create a globally-focused, nonprofit, nonsectarian business school for entrepreneurs in the Philippines with an extensive organic farm as a rural campus, offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

TOMORROW... an International Business University. 

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UBLA when imageEveryone loves
this question
and so do we.


The first stage is the creation of a pilot school for around 50 students to open in 2021.

We have the land - nearly 20,000 square meters (2 hectares) of mostly organic farmland and most major infrastructure.

We have the vision

We have the land

We have the permits

We have the team

We have the programs

We have the building team

We have ½ a building !

Funds raised will be used to complete the pilot school classroom building and fund the school for the first 12 months.

We are ready to finish the building
and launch the school.

We would love your help to do this.

When a group of focused, energized and empowered individuals come together with a common goal the future is certain.

UBLA campus La Union


UBLA™ rural campus will be created in the province of La Union in Luzon - the main island of the Philippines.

Close to the sea, with concrete roads to the gate and connected via a new expressway to Manila and Clark, the campus is just a 1-hour-or-so easy drive north from Clark International Airport and a 2-hour drive from Manila Airport.


Almost the last question - thank you for asking it. We would love your help !

UBLA™ has been incorporated as an independent nonprofit education establishment so it has to stand on its own feet without government support.

We would love your help.

But first, we think you should know WHY ...

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🔆 UBLA® firmly believes that BUSINESS IS THE DIFFERENCE® in our changing world, and that business has the power to lift both individuals and communities out of poverty - enhancing lives while protecting our environment.

Watch the video below to gain a better understanding about this project.


Our story tells a lot about 'why' we are creating UBLA™ and so does our vision, but in a few simple words : sometimes you just have to act on the deep feelings inside and make something special happen, knowing that it is the thing to do while being willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill the vision.

🌀UBLA® nonprofit business school is being created to help young people initially in the Philippines go FURTHER and FASTER in BUSINESS and in life.

Making Things Happen Together

New projects like UBLA™ are shining lights in our changing world. They create hope and purpose because of their inspired vision.

The vision for a better world we feel is a shared vision - one that you most likely share if you have read this page.

Watch our short video which tells you more about the project and why it will be a shining success.