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We are building a school.

And one day we are sure it will grow(up) and become something bigger.

It's a school for business.

We need your help to create it.

Why you should care

The answer is simple - when there is no education there is no future.

The fundamental purpose of education is to inspire people to do more and be more.

And without business education, no new jobs are being created or new solutions to important problems.

Business touches every life.

There is a problem and we want to help solve it

Business education of the past has missed an important element. Caring.

The results can be seen everywhere we look. The sole pursuit of money has helped created our many social and environmental issues we face today.

Business is the Difference ®

We firmly believe that business is the difference and it can support both individuals and communities while caring for the environment.

We believe it's possible to create money AND care for the environment and all other stakeholders.

Focusing on just money has taken us to the brink where our planet can no longer support us and that the air we breathe and the water we drink and the food we eat is debased. This is insanity!

Born in the Philippines

The school will initially serve young Filipino people and later grow internationally online.

It is non-profit registered and will support all who are inspired to be part of business is the difference ®.

Doing things differently

To create something new means we have to do things differently. Our unique learning modalities such as organic farming will help us create the results we desire.

Help change the statistics in the Philippines

It is anticipated that over 300 private schools in the Philippines may not reopen in 2021 post-pandemic.

Help change that statistic by helping to OPEN a school.

We already have 96% of what we need to open the business school - land - team - plans - registrations - legal entities - trademarks.

We just need to finish the 1/2 completed initial classroom building, fit it out, and fund the school for its first year.

Thank you for helping

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