Focus in Business

Power of focus in business

Be focused don't just look focused! Focused people get results - that's how you know if people are focused or not. Tip: Always work with focused people then you will have fewer issues and you don't need to be focused for them, making your life is easier. Results happen and things get done with focused people. It's easy to be focused when you start a project - but later on as businesses mature easy to lose focus. Be very careful about this. Watch the video to see how a local business nearly collapsed because of a lack of focus after ...
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how to solve problems in business image

How to avoid and solve problems in business

Video Overview ► POINT # 1 HOW TO SOLVE PROBLEMS IN BUSINESS - to solve problems in business - get rid of the problem ‣ The best way to solve a business problem most of the time is to simply get rid of the problem ‣ Just like Sadhguru says - get rid of the nonsense in your head. Getting rid of nonsense will help you avoid creating problems in your business. ‣ Example of recent story on how to avoid problems in business - ordering wine online ‣ Most people try to fix problems instead of solving them - ...
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how to make best decisions thumb


How to solve any problem in your business by asking the right questions. Summary We do not have a problem with answers - answers are easy - we are short of questions and more importantly, we are short of better questions A question opens up a door - and allows us to find out information If we can find the right question we can find out anything we want - and if we use the power of better questions we can get better answers Questions unlock the power of our thinking - the power of our mind - and the ...
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Vision in business

VISION as rocket fuel in your business

Summary from video Vision gives you energy and drive to achieve your key business goals Vision connects you to your true inner passion Vision creates immense energy During the times you lose sight of your vision just keep going In the morning when you wake and at night when you sleep, take the time to remember and review your vision or parts of your vision Vision helps you to know which way to go and how to make decisions Your vision will grow because people are drawn to you and your business Visions attract other people Energy will flow into ...
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digging started

Start Of Work

Work started today in preparation for completing the UBLA business school classroom. Amhed, Walter and Joseph were busy from very early this morning starting the digging for the driveway to the school so we can get delivery trucks into the building site soon.
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Our First Contribution

We are blessed to receive our very first contribution today. $200 USD from the UK.
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