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UBLA is a registered nonprofit in the Philippines managed by a registered Board of Trustees and endorsed as an independent educational establishment by TESDA (Philippines GOV.)

The UBLA™ pilot business school will open in 2020.

For this to happen we only need to :

  • Finish the building highlighted above - adding a second floor for the classroom, then fit it out
  • Finish the course designs and hire two local teachers

This nonprofit project is being bootstrap created from the ground up so that in the future it can be used as a teaching case study for UBLA students on how to create something amazing literally from nothing.

We would love your help to make this vision a reality in 2020.

Right now we have a fund-raising target of USD 100,000.

The funds will be used to complete the classroom construction - kit it out - hire local teachers and enroll students.

Really Cool Ways You Can Help

Support our vision by
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UBLA how you can help fundraise
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The 2nd Way ...

Support our vision by purchasing 'Business IS the Difference' T's

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We have partnered with Bonfire to bring you a superb range of top-quality T's.

Each T you buy brings us one step closer to our goal of completing our pilot school classroom while giving you a high-quality cotton t-shirt delivered right to your door globally, so you can show it off to the world, or give as a gift.

Inspiring your friends and family to get  UBLA™  T's as well would be more than awesome helping us rocket-drive ahead.

And A Third Really Simple Way ...

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And Of Course ... amazing direct contributions are always so welcomed so we can create things faster

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And the FOURTH way ...

Become a UBLA Social Ambassador

If you love connecting with people ...

This is a perfect casual role if you love connecting and networking online. 

Sharing the vision for UBLA and getting the message out will help us raise more funds and connect with more like-minded people who understand the power of business to transform lives helping solve problems instead of creating them.


Maria Jay
Manilla Philippines


YES - the FIFTH way ...

Learn More ...

Watch our business videos on our UBLA UNripped youtube channel

Read our incredible story.

Find out WHY we are creating such a unique university.

Learn more about UBLA's vision and mission and core values.

Meet our registered Board of Trustees and our Founder.

Contact us and ask questions directly.