Our Story

The Creation Story & 'The Why'

Everything starts with a story, and this project is no exception.


This story starts in 1988 with a young 22-year-old, a travel-inspired man called David, who was born into a working-class family in a small mill town in Northern England.

David had bypassed traditional education and left school when he was 16 years old. His friends went on and studied at university, but David gained employment in the local town council, first as a trainee computer programmer, and then later at the age of 20 as a Systems Analyst in charge of the Payroll systems for 15,000 council employees.

Within 6 years, David had not only amassed a sizable chunk of capital, but he could also gain employment anywhere in the world and ask for a 6-figure salary.

On September 1, 1988, at midnight, a flight landed in New Delhi - the capital of buzzing and bustling India. David and his new wife Rona were on that flight.

David had decided to leave everything behind in the UK and follow his passion at the time - to travel and explore. He sold the house that he bought when he was 19 years old along with everything else he owned and swapped it all for 2 backpacks. What he sought the most in his life at that time was freedom.

But when he landed in New Delhi, his sense of freedom quickly shrunk to nothing when he witnessed the dire living conditions of hundreds of thousands of people.

When he left school, unemployment in his birth town was running at an all-time high of just over 30%, and yet the people he met in India eclipsed his experiences of ‘poverty’ when he grew up.

For 6 months, the onslaught of life in India overwhelmed David. Something touched him at a level that cannot be understood unless you have experienced something similar. He was not in a war-zone - this was everyday life in India that millions endured.

David asked a simple question on the day he left India to fly to Bangkok: How could he help make people’s lives easier, especially the lives of children in India and other similar places in the world?

He had no answers. For over 10 years, having no answer ate away at him. He wanted an answer - what could he do to help solve this problem in a way that was empowering to everyone, himself included?

David learned in India that to see someone as poor and you as rich is very disempowering for everyone. After all, usually, the difference is just in the access to resources and opportunities.

The Year 2000

In the year 2000, David read a book. The book was by a well-known global philanthropist billionaire. The part that touched David the most was when he read that supplying a simple photocopying machine to a group of dedicated individuals could change the future. To think that something so simple could change everything inspired David’s deeply sleeping dragon to awake in the Chinese year of the dragon.


David thought that if the author of the book could create something so amazing, then why not him? Overnight he was gifted with the vision of creating a global business to support and educate children.

David’s initial vision was to create a food business where every meal sold would feed and educate a child in need, supporting at least 10,000 children. He came up with this number because at the time the thought of supporting just one child in a sustainable and natural way would have been beyond a blessing.

Ten thousand felt like the biggest stretch of his imagination at the time.

Within a month, a journey of 10 years had begun.

Yes, David was an idealist, but he was willing to do everything that was needed to make his dream a reality.

$200 And $29 Seminar

Starting off in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2000, from a $29 seminar on how to buy a business for nothing down and with just $200 cash, he started his first co-created business with his wife Masami just 3 months after the birth of their first child.

This business morphed and grew over 3 short years from a fast food outlet selling burgers, chips and sandwiches to truck drivers, to an organic pre-prepared frozen meal company in Brisbane Australia called Bouncing Olive, selling pre-prepared plant-based meals through Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne small supermarkets and health food stores.


Two years later, the business morphed again into a company that is running today out of Singapore called Buy1Give1 or B1G1® ( b1g1.com ) which connects charities with businesses on a ‘buy 1 give 1’ basis connecting businesses and charities together in over 14 different countries.

200 Million Giving Transactions

To date, B1G1® has created over 200 million giving transactions, supporting far more than the 10,000 children from David’s initial vision. It continues to thrive and grow.

UBLA® Seed Planted

David is the man behind the inspiration for this unique and globally-focused educational project.

For the last 5 years, David Anttony has wanted to do more to help create a more positive future for all.

He is still an idealist - but now more skilled! He now wants to ‘write’ the phase 2 of the B1G1® story by co-creating UBLA® from the ground up so it can be the fertile garden that supports the growth of hundreds, if not thousands, of inspired BUT well-equipped business leaders.

Business is a natural conduit for creating and sharing wealth and resources. So what better modality than business education? David took over 21 years to learn about business and how to run successful business projects. He created over 9 companies during that time. He chose the long way and did it often alone.


The focus now is to create an effective mainstream business-focused educational system to make it fast, easy and fun for students to go from zero to hero!

In exchange, David Anttony’s personal vision is to inspire all those who come through the future university to carry the flame of remembering to care for others and our environment in their business creation ventures - solving problems, not creating them.

2020 And Beyond

A dedicated and committed trustee team of six has now taken up the flame to grow UBLA® from a tiny seed.

We invite you to be part of this vision - only together will it happen.

Making Things Happen Together ...

When David and Masami started their journey to create B1G1® back in 2000, they started off alone and continued that way for over 5 years. It was only when they started to share the vision of B1G1® that the idea took off and grew exponentially within a few short years.

We want to share this project with you right from the start because we know that there are so many people who want to create a better world - creating a better world is a shared vision - and so is the creation of UBLA®. We would love your help.

Find out more about how you can be a part of this project and its vision today.