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POINT # 1 HOW TO SOLVE PROBLEMS IN BUSINESS - to solve problems in business - get rid of the problem

‣ The best way to solve a business problem most of the time is to simply get rid of the problem

‣ Just like Sadhguru says - get rid of the nonsense in your head. Getting rid of nonsense will help you avoid creating problems in your business.

‣ Example of recent story on how to avoid problems in business - ordering wine online

‣ Most people try to fix problems instead of solving them - for example if you are having staff retention issues - the problem could be your business is just boring and you are no longer inspires about your business

‣ Sell the business -- create a new business -- problem solved -- solve the problem by getting rid of the problem is the easiest solution of all - and one most often overlooked.

‣ Story about our farming business. We have a problem growing rice on our farm - too dry - solution don't grow rice ! Simple - problem solved ! Easy. Now this is the first year we are not growing rice - many of our field left fallow the rest we have planted vegetables in as a pilot test.

‣ Introducing Stephen Shaperio and how he works with his clients to solve and avoid business problems in very innovative ways


‣ Review your business and check how you can solve customer problems by getting rid of the problem helping you create more business revenue

‣ How to avoid problems in business and improve your sales and collect customer contacts with online businesses

‣ Solving business problems allows you to find business value helping your business grow - The bigger the problem you are solving the bigger your business will be!

‣ Understanding the problems you are solving for your customers is KEY to business success it's connected to value delivery

‣ If you are in business already you should do a bi-annual review of how you can solve customer problems better - problem solving allows you to discover more value that you can deliver

► POINT # 3 You are often the problem!

‣ If you are having problems in your business 99.99% of the problems are usually caused by you! Most problems come from the decisions you have made in the past!

‣ "The best form of self-defense is not being there" - perfect quote with regards to avoiding problems in business

‣ Your thinking creates your decisions - follow Sadhguru's tips and get rid of the nonsense in your head

POINT # 4 Be Be solution-focused and not problem-focused

‣ identify the problem
‣ outline the problem
‣ name the problem
‣ analyse the problem
‣ then forget about the problem!

‣ Focus then on SOLUTION and only the solution to your business problems
And in business create a plan to implement your solution
‣ NEVER look at the problem ever again
‣ Look where you are going not where you have come from

POINT # 5 Use your tech - the best on the planet

‣ Learn how to use the best piece of Tech on this planet - YOU - to solve your problems.
‣ you have 100,000 times more potent than what you realise you have
‣ you have just not asked better questions
‣ Story of water - programming a dream to solve business problems
‣ Story of winning a bet on the Melbourne Cup horse race
‣ If you want a free ebook of that - called Power of 8 - leave a comment below asking for a free copy

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