Be focused don't just look focused!

Focused people get results - that's how you know if people are focused or not.

Tip: Always work with focused people then you will have fewer issues and you don't need to be focused for them, making your life is easier.

Results happen and things get done with focused people.

It's easy to be focused when you start a project - but later on as businesses mature easy to lose focus. Be very careful about this. Watch the video to see how a local business nearly collapsed because of a lack of focus after a video about them went viral.

If you lose focus in your business it can take just one tiny thing to destroy your business - you do not want that to happen to you.

Focus can also be an acronym - here's a good one: Focusing On Choices Underlying Success.

As a business owner - there are no excuses for lack of focus because:
- you hire the people in your team
- you sign off on the systems
- you should be managing the risks
- you should be reviewing the business processes

Meet Melanie Perkins - Canva founder in the video and Masami Sato - B1G1 founder - both very focused people. Both have similar business stories - wanting to do more in business - helping and supporting others through business in need - especially children.

Many people think because they are busy they are focused - remember focused people produce results! Watch the sketch in the video about being busy but not focused.

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