Summary from video

  • Vision gives you energy and drive to achieve your key business goals
  • Vision connects you to your true inner passion
  • Vision creates immense energy
  • During the times you lose sight of your vision just keep going
  • In the morning when you wake and at night when you sleep, take the time to remember and review your vision or parts of your vision
  • Vision helps you to know which way to go and how to make decisions
  • Your vision will grow because people are drawn to you and your business
  • Visions attract other people
  • Energy will flow into you like a huge waterfall
  • You expand based on the size of your vision
  • You have to step up and step forward to fulfill the vision you have to grow as a person to achieve your goals
  • All billionaires have big visions
  • Big visions attract a lot of money
  • Vision gives you the energy to solve problems
  • Vision comes from your deepest feelings
  • People who have vision burn with energy
  • The first time you have an amazing vision it will scare you
  • You will imagine you cannot create the vision and it will petrify you
  • A great vision is always at a higher frequency than where you are currently at creating doubt in your mind about how you can create the vision
  • Being petrified to your core is good it shows you that you have hit the sweet spot with your vision
  • Fear normally stops most people acting on their visions
  • You have to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to go
  • Vision will assist you to grow and to bridge the gap
  • Magic happens as you follow your journey connected to your vision
  • Vision is all about “what you see is what you get”
  • And … If you always see and do the same things you always get the same results
  • “If You Always Do What You've Always Done, You'll Always Get What You've Always Got.” ~ Henry Ford
  • If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got. – Albert Einstein
  • If you just see what you already have you will only get more of what you already have.

What was cut from the video


While it’s possible to create a business that has no vision if you want to create an exceptional business it must have a great vision.
Vision creation is really a one person game. While a group can create a great vision it’s a rare occurrence because vision is about CLEAR ENERGY - CLEAR focus and CLEAR DESIRE. Seeing everyone has a different desire and different energy set points unless the group is REALLY in tune with each other then a joint vision could be an unclear failure Vision as a team event could end up with you creating an elephant on a mountain wearing skies drinking tequila with ice and a slice of onion! While it may sound cool - you may not attract too many customers!

That vision is not going to cut the cookie !!

Visions work because they create energy. A vision creates something from nothing.  A vision is a blueprint for the future. It’s like a water container that can hold a specific shape and volume of water.

A vision is an energetic blueprint of the future.

And while you may think visionary energy lives in the future it in fact lives in the present. This is a secret. Or See Correct. 

When energy is created it exists now and is real. 

This is why a clear vision is vital if you want to create an amazing business.

Creating a connected vision is about going inside of yourself and bringing your gifts and talents into play within a business project --  This process can be like peeling an onion - you sometimes have to go through many layers to get to the core or heart. 

A strong clear vision will usually be a model of your own heart! 

You will usually find that your best visions encapsulate ALL of your deepest desires.

That is why I say they are created from the core of your being.

An interesting litmus test to see how clear you can see your own vision is to try to communicate your vision to someone else. If you can see your vision clearly you can articulate it clearly!

If you cannot articulate you cannot see it !

But the good news is articulating a vision will help you get clearer about your vision.
Goals are not the same as vision - goals are analytical objectives - vision is all encompassing passion of the soul! While a vision may have milestones aka goals - a vision is a living breathing holographic copy of a future point in time. It’s like a living being in its own right! Goals are just tape measures to keep the non vision holders connected to the vision engaged in the vision and to keep the energy moving forward.
And while it’s best for a single person to create a vision it's wise to find as many ways as possible to share and keep sharing a vision.  What you see is what you get - so the more people who see what you see then the faster you will get what you want. When I first started running building teams here on our farm I did not understand why the guys did not see what I saw. I had to instruct them in every single little detail that was tiring and frustrating for me. 

When I learned to start each day with a vision session to explain to the team what we were creating that day I had to do less management work - once they had a picture in their mind what was to be created magic happened.

One thing that happens is your brain grows !!! Your brain will literally develop millions of new neurons along with trillions of new neuron pathways - they call it neurogenesis. Most people WONDER how the heck they can fulfil a big Vision - don’t worry - trust in magic!

Passion and energy erupting from someone driven by a huge vision  ignites and transforms everything that it touches including yourself!

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