Mission &

UBLA™ (pronounced U. B. L. A. )  is a registered nonprofit, nonsectarian, independent educational establishment in the Philippines, managed by a registered elected Board of Trustees and accredited currently by the Philippine Government through its agency, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), to run its pilot programs.

Right now, UBLA has no direct meaning, but in the future when we are deserving of the university title, it will mean University Business La Union.

It will evolve fast to offer undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses accredited by the  Commission on Higher Education (CHED) of the Philippine Government.

why flower


A leading University for business education internationally respected for teaching business success skills and creating successful, inspiring, connected and caring business leaders.

why greenhouse


To provide effective business education to create business leaders who are solution providers, and who will see connected communities and the environment as key stakeholders in their profit-focused ventures.

Core Values


Giving as a way of life and giving first as a way to create more for everyone.


Caring for self through good lifestyle habits and caring for nature as an extension of self.

Risk Taking

Be willing to step up and step out, seeing difficulties and fear as friends.


To take full ownership of all thoughts, words, and actions.


Supporting others to find their full potential so they are fully empowered.


Using communication as a means to resolve all conflicts.


Sharing self, ideas, and resources freely.


Connecting with self, others, and nature.

For U B L A to fulfill its higher goals our
teaching will use 4 unique teaching  modalities :

  • organic agriculture - students will work on the farm each day for 2 hours and consume what they produce
  • daily meditation, and yoga - 30 minutes a day will be spent in meditation
  • consume predominantly plant-based foods
  • explore and use the higher mind functionality we innately possess.


Perpetuity - a business has an average life of 10 years, a charity the same. A school can have a life of decades, but a University can live for centuries.

Depth of Impact - a University is a highly-esteemed and trusted organizational member of society that often holds and practices some of the highest values. It is a pinnacle to aspire to for both other educational bodies and would-be students. It is a social monument that inspires, teaches, demonstrates, and perpetuates humanity’s highest values.

We firmly believe that BUSINESS IS THE DIFFERENCE® in our changing world, and that business has the power to lift both individuals and communities out of poverty - enhancing lives while protecting our environment.

The prime function of a business is to serve others by providing value in exchange for money or services in kind. Business is the driving engine of communities bringing employment, opportunities, wealth, and services to many.

Business provides a platform for the creation of individual self-esteem and social education.

It is business that has lifted countless millions out of poverty globally and will continue to do so.

There is still a lot of basic human needs going uncared for on this planet with millions still not having access to basic services.

Business can solve problems while not disturbing the status quo of political or religious systems, or requiring public funds.

In the Philippines, the barriers to entry are low, including the major ones - setup costs and land. There's also a massive local need here in the Philippines for quality education ensuring a strong early market attraction, traction, and fast growth. Later it will be easy to globalize our student base because the Philippines already attracts many international students.

Also, the Philippines is a thriving multicultural society, and its people are known and respected around the world as great caregivers.

It is our aim to change the standard business reality by :

  • focusing education on helping students learn about themselves and their own innate unique talents and skills
  • using unique educational modalities such as organic farming, meditation and yoga, and plant-based foods
  • partnering with a global teacher base of active or retired leading successful business people who will teach both via video conferencing and in-person
  • having rural nature organic campuses to enhance studies and natural health
  • teaching and working with higher-mind innate functionality to acquire a unique depth of learning experience

Really Why

Maybe Some People Just Still Care...

It is so easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of life -- and forget to remember some of the things that make us human. Caring for each other - really caring for each other is a special part of being human.

This is why this special project is being created in the Philippines -- its a place of real caring.

Read our amazing story that reaches back to 1988 and shares some of the deep history and great successes that have helped create this unique project vision today.